Health Tests prior to Breeding

There is, at the present time, no definitive test for any of the hereditary diseases that affect the breed. However, many owners health test their Wheatens annually to provide a 'snap-shot' of the dogs health.

The recommendation is that the sire and dam should have the following tests prior to mating:

  • Blood and Urinalysis in accordance with the ‘Testing Protocols’
  • 2Eye tested (eye certificate - issued annually).
  • 2Hip scored (this need only be undertaken once in a dogs lifetime).
  • Hearing Test – this is recommended for dogs from ‘high risk lines’. For more information read the section on the Deafness page.
  • Genetic PLN-Associated Variant Gene Test (this only need to be done once in a dog’s lifetime). UK *swabs are available from the Health Team of the SCWTC of GB.
  • PLN - Understanding Breeding Combinations (a Breeders Tool) pdf.

*Eye & Hip Testing are part of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) Health Schemes. Go to the appropriate BVA page on this link.

Genetic PLN-Associated Variant Gene Test:

*UK Swab Kits: available from the Health Team of The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB.

USA: Contact details

2 These are part of the British Veterinary Association Health Schemes and details can be found by phoning or visiting the BVA web site. See also Hip Dysplasia page.


The UK Kennel Club offer a facility to check the health tests which the sire and dam have recorded with them.

This scheme, called Mate Select, offers: " steps to gain a better idea of the health of potential parents and the likelihood that they will not pass defective genes to their offspring, increasing the chances that any puppies born will have the best chance of living a healthy life.

Mate Select has a number of services that will help breeders manage loss of diversity and benefit the breed as a whole."

The downloadable pack includes the following information:

  • A Health Test Pedigree for both the Dam and the Sire
  • Descriptions of all health tests that are recommended or have been recorded for both the Dam and the Sire.
  • Inbreeding values for both the Dam and the Sire.
  • The average inbreeding coefficient for their breed.
  • The results of a predicted inbreeding coefficient calculation for the mating.

Click this  mateselect link to take you to the start of the Kennel Club web page.

See also Testing Puppies for further relevant information.