This is a digestive condition which can occur in any breed of dog and is commonly referred to as ‘Gulpies’.

What are ‘Gulpies’?

Dogs with ‘Gulpies’ have uncontrolled licking of their lips and also gulp in air, they may also vomit and can be quite distressed. When the dog has one of these episodes it wants to eat anything; grass, leaves, twigs, paper, carpet, dog blankets/beds in a frenzied manner.

It is important to stop your dog ingesting any of these or similar items!

It appears to happen more frequently after food, it could be Gastro Intestinal (GI) a build-up of ‘gas’ and/or acid. The medical term for gas build-up is Aerophagia. For some dogs the cause may be allergy to certain foods.

Some suggested treatments:

The following have helped some dogs:

Slippery Elm - use 2 capsules.
Slippery Elm powder - use ½ teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight.

Homeopathic Nux Vomicus is also useful for this condition.
Three of the Nux 30C (do not touch with your hands), crush between two spoons and put into the pouch at the side of the mouth. No food or drink 10 minutes before or after. Repeat if needed.

Pepto Bismol


Marshmallow Root

It also may help by lightly rubbing the throat and tummy.


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