DNA Storage (UK)

Please consider having DNA stored for all Wheatens’ that you own or breed.

Why is DNA storage important?

DNA is important for the future of the breed. ALL dogs, even those who are not bred from, are important.

What will this mean for Breeders and Owners?

DNA from family groups will be vital for future research and breeders should consider storing DNA from parents (sire and dam) and their puppies, prior to the pups leaving for their new homes.

Stored DNA will enable researchers to find the deleterious (bad) mutations which cause hereditary diseases so they can be eliminated from the gene pool.

How often do I have to collect DNA from my dog?

Just once, DNA can be stored indefinitely.

Submission Forms

Forms for single dogs and litters are available from the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of GB. Contact the Health Team mail address.

Who should I inform if I store DNA?

  • Your breeder.
  • The SCWT Club of GB
  • The SCWT database - any DNA stored at the Universilty of Cambridge or previously stored at the Animal Health Trust (The AHT has now closed and the DNA was transferred to Cambridge), should submit details of these records to the SCWTCA Endowment Health and Pedigree database. This is important to provide valuable information for Researchers. Any Wheaten that has its DNA stored will receive a Shamrock ☘️ against its record.

*WHI and the Club of GB can supply a pedigree upon request. We will require your dog’s Kennel Club name, parent names and date of birth, or you can got to the SCWTCA Endowment Health and Pedigree database to download your dog's pedigree